Murat Karadut (Management)

Murat Karadut

Born in 1969 Murat Karadut completed elementary, middle and high-school education in Adana after which he completed his graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Middle-East Technical University. From 1993 to 2009 he worked in BOSSA (Sabancı Holding’s denim company) in a variety positions, last 7 years of which as general manager. He continued his work in textiles industry in Egypt as Establishing Partner and CEO of DNM Textiles Industry and Trade , establishing a production facility with 25 million meters production capacity, employing 2000 in workforce, netting 112 million USD in total investments, resulting in the largest Turkish venture in Egypt.

Trough the establishment of TM Petrochemicals Industry and Trade in 2012,  Murat Karadut engages in sales and distribution of plastic raw materials trough importing the desired raw materials of different industries which are almost entirely foreign dependent in raw materials ; mainly the plastic industry,  followed by isolation, household appliances, automotive and textiles industries.

Observing the increased energy demand with the growing Turkish economy, he recognized that energy technologies was a field open for development and hence established and became the chairman of GENTEK Energy and Technologies Industry and Trade, with the aim of providing engineering services to the energy sector. GENTEK Energy and Technologies, engages in the development of local technologies in the energy sector, with the aim of reducing foreign dependency on thermal power plant technologies and including low calorific value coal to economic circulation trough enrichment. The company caries out R&D  and engineering works towards this end.

Having built a formidable network in relevance to energy, thermal power plants and coal Murat Karadut entered the organically linked mining industry trough the purchasing all shares of Doğuş Mining Co. , who has 3 coal mining licenses in Soma/Turkey