Group Companies

TM Petrokimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Founded in 2012 TM Petrochemical Industry and Trade Inc. Carries out the physical trading of petrochemical raw materials, their distribution and its marketing in the international arena. TM Petrochemical Industry and Trade Inc. Has been one of the primary centers of import of refined products in Europe,Middle-east and Egypt in 2013 and export of other petrochemical products and their physical trading.

Our firm has conducted direct sales and the distribution of polimer products (polystyrene, PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene) utilizing its global trading network since october 2012 and the support of their importnant strategic bussines partners. TM Petrochemical Industry and Trade Inc. continues its journey to become an asset ,providing constant raw material supply,finance,logistics and storage servicies.

Blue FZE Dubai

To be closer to both the suppliers in asia and the gulf and to be able to manage international trading operations more effectively providing faster supplience, logistics fitting the needs and cost effectivity we’ve established BLUE FZE which is working in close collaboration with TM petrochemicals while increasing its trade volume and strenghtening its place in the industry.

Gentek Enerji ve Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

The company founded in 2012 is an Engineering and R&D company. It engages in the development of domestic Technologies in the energy sector and carries out energy projects for the public and private sectors within the scope of Teknokent. Its target audience is thermal power plants that produce electricity with fossil fuels, especially coal.

We can group its activities under two main headings;

  • Boiler Combustion Optimization:

Performance tests are performed in coal-fired thermal power plants and inefficient systems and processes are determined, a special software program developed by engineers of Gentek Energy company is integrated into air pressure and temperature measurement devices and a road map is determined for the solution. With this software, optimum working settings are determined and the efficiency of the boilers are increased.


  • Coal Drying and Enrichment technology:

With the technology developed by Gentek energy, the coal used for the production of electricity is treated to increases its calorific value by reducing its moisture before it is fed into the boilers and separating the heavy metals within its body by utilizing the waste heat of the thermal power plant, as a result the power plant generates more electricity with the same amount of coal.

Gentek Energy has developed the above-mentioned coal drying and enrichment technology by receiving the highest grant support from TÜBİTAK to date. With this project, it was also deemed worthy of technology award in TUSİAD’s medium-sized company category. R&D activities are carried out in the Çukurova University Balcalı Campus ,Teknokent building.

PowerGen Energy Technologies

Our firm working closely Gentek Energy has proved succsesfull in all the projects that it has undertaken.It’s main work is in USA which has the worlds biggest coal powered energy plant pottential and it aims to provide services to allready existing plants, sell advanced technology products, keep track of technological advancements within its line of work and market.

Doğuş Mining:

Acquired and included to the group companies in 2019, Doğuş Mining Co. has 3 coal mining licenses with total area over 3800 hectares. The company set out to research and put forth the existing reserves and all related production details of the license it prioritized for R&D in a professional and credible manner. In this context research activities were caried out under full time supervision and quality assurance/quality control protocols of the international independent consultancy firm and its QP, with cored drilling firms, accredited coal laboratories, accredited jeo-technics laboratories, geophysical analysis and water drilling firms, all representing the very best of the country in their respective fields. The results of these research activities were reported by the international independent consultant and its QP in accordance with JORC standards. The company completed all necessary permits of the license, where 80 million tons of coal were determined, making it ready to commence operations.

TMT Chemicals:

The firm was established in 2014 with the aim of trading liquid chemicals. Different from petrochemicals trade, the existence of serious price fluctuations and momentary arbitrage opportunities being the main focus of liquid chemicals trade kept the activities of the company limited due to risk management principles.